Thursday, June 6, 2013

10 Grilling Essentials From

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is Grill. Whether it's in my backyard, or a campground, or by the pool nothing makes it feel more like summer than a good ol' BBQ. Give me some steak,chicken, and veggies and I'll make you a meal that will have you asking for seconds. 

Recently while shopping for grilling stuff I came across this new website that allows me to earn cash back when I purchase items from their 1500+ partner retailers (Sony, Macy’s, Adidas and Fandango are just a few). It's called and was founded by Ravi Yadalam. also allows online shoppers to compare products, find sales and coupons, and make every penny count. 

Through July 4th, when shoppers purchase any of the below 10 items through Pennyful's portal, Pennyful will donate the proceeds they receive from each respective retailer to the YMCA. Shoppers will also win, receiving cash back rewards for making their purchases through Pennyful.

Top 10 Grilling Essentials for Building a Communal Table this Summer
From Ravitej Yadalam, CEO & Founder of

1.  Weber One Touch Silver Charcoal Grill from Target - The ultimate grill for BBQs both big and small. 

2.  Salt and Pepper Sampler from Orvis - It reasons to season your burgers, steaks and chicken with plenty of salt and pepper before it even touches the grill. I love this sampler that offers four different types of each.

3.  Sweet Baby BBQ Sauce from - Meat, meet your new best friend, the fastest growing BBQ sauce in America.

4.  Ladder Ball Game Set from - What's a BBQ without lawn games?  Get the party started with a friendly game of ladder golf (water hazards not included). 

5. Croquet Set from Sears - Keep the competitive spirit alive with croquet, a timeless party game classic that is synonymous with summer BBQs. 

6. Iced Tea Maker from Macy's - The perfect way to stay cool and hydrated on a warm summer day.

7. Bamboo Tiki Lights from Walmart - Deck out your yard with tiki lights to keep the party going all night long.  

8. Pizza Stone with Stainless Steel Frame from Sur La Table - Not all BBQs have to begin and end with burgers - I love this pizza stone for making pies right on the grill. 

9. Plastic Wine Glasses from - A must-have item for any outdoor party that is often overlooked.

10. Cintronella Candles from Linens 'N Things - Keep the bugs away and the guests will stay!

My Gym Fit & Healthy Family Contest

Throughout 2013, My Gym locations across North America will celebrate thirty years of providing fitness and fun to families by offering money saving membership and class discounts, conducting a search tocrown My Gym’s Fit & Healthy Family and hosting fun and fitness-filled My Gym 30th Birthday party/ Open Houses.
  • Offered April 1 through June 30, the My Gym discounts include free membership to families signing on for the first time and 30% off for four weeks of classes at participating locations.
  • Also taking place April 1 through June 30, My Gym’s 30th anniversary Fit & Healthy Family Contest is a initiative designed to encourage families to demonstrate how they have made fitness a key part of their family’s lifestyle and share their own family fitness tips with families everywhere through the My Gym contest’s social media.
  • In August, participating My Gym locations throughout the North America will open their doors for free-to-the-public 30th birthday party/open houses – My Gym style.
Open to families in North America, the My Gym Fit & Healthy Family Contest invites families with at least two members in the same household (and one member a child under the age of ten) to enter by submitting a photo of their family engaged in physical activity along with 100-200 words sharing their favorite family fitness tip(s). The photos and accompanying tips will be posted on My Gym’s Official Facebook Page for the public to vote for their favorite entry. Families receiving the most votes will become among the 30 semi-finalists from which the Grand Prize winner will be chosen. Semi-finalists will win prizes from My Gym's official cleaning sponsor BabyGanics (, the leading provider of household and personal care products for every touch point in a baby's life; DVD’s of the popular children’s animated series Chuggington (; a prestigious Recognition Certificate from the President's Council on Fitness Sports and Nutrition (; and a specially-designed My Gym prize pack. The grand prize family will win the acclaimed sports activity toy line from Little Tikes ( along with a year free of My Gym classes and a birthday party

To download the discount coupon, to electronically enter the contest and for all details and rules, please visit

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Space Warriors Giveaway

School is almost out and summer is just around the corner! With all that free time be sure to watch The Hallmark Channel as a family on May 31st at 8/7C because the movie "Space Warriors" will be airing.

This movie is about six highly skilled teenagers are handpicked to be part of a summer space camp competition at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. As the competition heats up, the kids have no idea that their ultimate challenge will be to solve a life or death crisis aboard the International Space Station as the world anxiously watches.

Starring: Thomas Horn, Danny Glover, Josh Lucas, Dermot Mulroney, Mira Sorvino and Booboo Stewart.

I am giving away a Space Warriors Blu-ray Combo Pack to one of my readers. This includes: Space Warriors Blu-ray + DVD + VUDU Digital Copy. Check out the app below and then enter to win!

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Little By Little - An adorable Children's book + a Giveaway

Books are quiet and make a wonderful companion. They are easily accessible and can lift you out of your life into a whole new world. They give you new perspectives and stimulate your brain.

So, I love it when my kids find a good book that they cannot put down. Just recently I was asked by the company Kids at Switch to review a book by Adeline Tong & Jamie Lee. It was called "Little by Little". This cute and whimsical book is a story about Hubert the turtle who has to sell his shell after he spends all his money on things he doesn’t need. Six year old Adeline Tong is the brain behind this creation and she did a fantastic job of story telling.

The photography is this book is simply precious. Hubert is a clay turtle with pink spots on his shell and he is captured cruising along in a grocery store, playing on a computer, and playing with his friends,  all the while learning lessons along the way.

The moral behind the story is clear and concise: Little by Little, a Little can become a lot. My 2 year old and my 6 year old had a lot of fun reading this story. They understood that Hubert spent too much money on frivolous things and when he realized he had no money left he had to sell his most precious item, his home.

My kids and I talked about some examples of when we spent money on things that we didn't necessarily need but that we wanted, and how sometimes we need to think twice about our choices.
It made for some great conversation and some good laughs too!

If you would like some more information on Kids at Switch  you can find them on Facebook or on Twitter.

The mission behind Kids At Switch is to not only foster financial literacy in kids, but to do so in a way which translates their instinctual passion and sense of play into a sense of unshakeable purpose.

Enter my giveaway below today for a chance to win a copy of "Little by Little".

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Little by Little for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dinosnores Sleep Stories + a Giveaway

Sleep has always been an issue for me. I am a true insomniac and it runs in my family. My dad has insomnia, my mom has insomnia, and now that I have kids I think they have it too. I have to believe that maybe it is genetic!

My 2 year old daughter is by far my hardest one to get to sleep. She just never seems to get tired. Even if she skips a nap she can stay awake until 10pm or 11pm at times. So, when the Australian company Dinosnores asked me to review their relaxation CD's for kids you can bet I didn't hesitate.

I wanted to try it on an evening where we didn't have a lot of activity because I wanted to see if it was the CD that helped her get to sleep rather than her just being completely exhausted. We sampled 2 CD's over 2 nights: "Kitten" and "Pterosaur". The moment I pressed play I could tell it was going to be a wonderful experience.  My daughter was completely relaxed the entire time. The voices are extremely soothing and calm, almost monotone. You can listen to a sample on their website here.

As I laid in bed with her I could tell she was really listening. There wasn't a muscle in her body that was tense and I could tell she was getting sleepy after just a short while. These CD's take you on relaxing  journey full of imagination and the soundscape is simply amazing. I even fell asleep in her bed too and when I woke up a little while later I felt really refreshed.

The next day I played the "Pterosaur" CD in my car on the way to run some errands and literally within 5 minutes she was passed out. Dinosnores, I think I love you!

I am giving away 1 "Kitten" CD and 1 "Pterosaur" CD to a lucky winner so enter today!

Disclaimer: I received 2 complimentary CD's for review purposes. All thought and opinions are of my own.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cinco De Mayo at Lazydog Restaurant

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner! Where will you be celebrating? Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar has some great Cinco De Mayo specials! Check them out!
Try the Watermelon Tequila Fresca with Jose Cuervo, Watermelon Agua fresca, Organic Agave Nectar, Housemade Sweet & Sour and a Red Chili & Black Sea Salt . Only $7.50
Or try the Victoria Draft Beer - Mexico’s oldest beer brand that has been brewed consistently as a Vienna-style lager since 1865. It has limited availability in the United States. 16 oz is $5.95 or the 22 oz is $7.50

Put on your sombrero and pull a chair up to the bar. Lazy Dog has a full menu and some really amazing appetizers. Visit them at

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chick-fil-A Leadercast is Here + a GIVEAWAY

Chick-fil-A Leadercast is a one-day leadership event broadcast LIVE from Atlanta, GA to hundreds of locations around the world on May 10, 2013. Strengthen your leadership by simplifying your life.
  •  Check out the app below and find out what your Leadership style is!
  • The app also has 7 Tips to lead simply. Simplicity enables leaders to cut through the clutter and make the best decisions possible. 
  • Enter the giveaway for the Chick-Fil-A leadercast prize pack. It includes: 
1 Copy of John C. Maxwell’s new book: The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
1 Chick-fil-A Leadercast Exclusive Audio Download Card, which includes access to audio segments from past and present events!
3 Chick-fil-A Digital offer cards for a free Chick-fil-A Sandwich Entrée of your choice.

2013 Chick-fil-A Leadercast Promo from GiANT Impact on Vimeo.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Teaching Kids About Our Planet Through Play + a GIVEAWAY

As moms, I think we can all agree that one of our goals is to teach our children respect. Whether it’s respecting their elders, themselves, their friends, or even pets, I’m pretty sure we all share the same wish. I personally would love to see my own children embrace their environment a bit more. To help facilitate  that, we have started paying closer attention to recycling. We bring our own reusable bags to the grocery store now, and we have even stopped using the little plastic bags in the produce section because really, our fruit will be just fine in the basket. It is just one more thing that I will throw out anyway.

We recently had a friend visit from Germany and we took him to Costco for our regular Sunday shopping trip. He was absolutely astounded at how much packaging we use. He even laughed that we needed a box to carry our stuff out. From that day on I decided I was going to be a better role model for my kids. I want to teach them that we can do a lot to help our planet, and I vowed to be more efficient on my shopping trips.

So, when a friend recently introduced us to some new dolls called Zeenie Dolls I couldn’t help but smile because they were perfect for my daughter. These stylish new dolls were not only fashionistas but they are eco-friendly too! The 12” dolls are made completely of recyclable, non-toxic plastics  and even the packaging follows the theme. The shipping cylinder is also made of sustainable materials.

There is so much to love about these dolls! What really stood out for me was that the  Zeenies stand for much more that just a pretty doll to play with. Each doll brings to light an environmental cause that needs our attention. Zennia is the leader of the pack. She embodies Mother Earth, the protector of our planet. As the giver and sustainer of life on earth, Zennia is passionate about combating the evil anti-environment villains that threaten to destroy the world. To help her, Zennia has a team of five eco-warrior fashionistas: Evee, who is protector of the skies and defender against pollution. Kazumi, guardian of the polar regions and defender against global warming. Lina, defender of the rain forest and defender against deforestation. Sini, overseer of Farmland and Defender of Mistreated and Abused Animals. And last, Yana, Protector of the oceans and defender of marine conservation.

 Look how big and gorgeous the eyes are on these dollz

All of these dolls are outfitted with their own stylish wardrobe and adorable hairstyles! The best part of each Zeenie Doll is that it comes standard with 12 ball joints offering much more flexibility and movement during play time. You would not believe how bendable these dolls are. Their ankle joints move, their wrists move, their torsos can twist, they can sit, pose, and vogue. You name it, they can do it.  Each doll also comes with a wrist band, a comb, a pet (except Zennia who comes with a poster), and an eco-warrior membership card and ID tag.

Since saving the planet is a Zeenie’s style, a portion of every Zeenie Dollz sale will be given to the World Wildlife Fund®. Zeenie Dollz will contribute three percent from the sale of each doll purchased through the Zeenie World website to World Wildlife Fund with a minimum commitment of $25,000 by December 31, 2013.

For those of you with little girls who absolutely can't wait to get your hands on a Zeenie doll, have them check out the Zeenie Doll website . They can sing along to the Z song, or play fun games and send messages. You can also visit them on Facebook or on Twitter.  Even better, enter my giveaway below and you could win your own Evee Zeenie Doll to call your own!

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Disclosure: I was provided with a sample doll for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

French Toast and Macchiatos with Coffee-Mate #UltimateCup

Making my morning Coffee is such a ritual for me. It is repetitive, simple and can be done in a semi-awake state. It isn't often that I run out of Coffee, but every now and then it does happen. Unfortunately this very thing happened to me last week. I went downstairs to make an Espresso and low and behold I had no more capsules and the box was empty. Actually, so was my fridge.

So I decided to head out to Walmart to pick up a few things including some Coffee-Mate and something for breakfast. I remembered that I had seen a coupon online for $1.00 off of Coffee-Mate  so I printed it out and took it with me. I was feeling particularly hungry and thirsty this morning so I decided to buy two bottles of Coffee-Mate.  French Vanilla and Hazelnut since I had never tried it before.

While I was continuing to shop I found this really thick Orange Cranberry bread and thought that it would be perfect for French Toast! I love to cook so I was excited to make a homemade breakfast. I paid for my groceries and started driving home and then it hit me! I forgot to buy regular milk. It was raining that day and I didn't want to stop again so I just went home. But, as I was driving it occurred to me that maybe I could use my Coffee-Mate in place of milk for the French Toast. So, that is exactly what I did. I used the French Vanilla flavor and made Vanilla Orange Cranberry French toast!

Just mix 1/2 a cup of Coffee-Mate in with 1 egg and whisk. Then take the bread and coast both sides with the mixture.

I could tell right away this was going to be delicious. My kitchen smelled so good!

Just cook it on a skillet on both sides and you are done! I also wanted to try the Hazelnut flavor that I purchased, so I tried to think of a delicious drink I could make with it.

I love espresso but I spend way too much money at Starbucks on them. So, I added the Hazelnut Coffee-Mate to my espresso and made a Hazelnut Macchiato. It was so good and half the price.

All you do is steam the Coffe-Mate and add it on top of your Espresso. Wah-lah! A fancy coffee drink and I don't even have to leave my house! Now my breakfast was complete!

 For more great ideas on how to make coffee house creations and recipes using Coffee-mate follow on Twitter using the hashtag #UltimateCup or on Facebook.

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® and Nestle Coffee Mate #CBias #SocialFabric #ad

Vanilla Orange Cranberry French Toast
1/2 cup Sugar Free French Vanilla Flavor NESTLÉ COFFEE-MATE Liquid Coffee Creamer
1 egg
Beat one egg and add 1/2 cup sugar free French Vanilla. Dip a piece of Texas bread into mixture (both sides) and place into a nonstick pan. Cook both sides until toasted in pan. Remove and pat with butter and pour on maple syrup. Repeat with bread again.
Hazelnut Macchiato

Check out this tasty recipe made with NESTLE® COFFEE-MATE® Creamer. Try it today!
Yield: 2
6 tablespoons brewed espresso
3 tablespoons Hazelnut Latte Flavor NESTLÉ COFFEE-MATE Liquid Coffee Creamer
DIVIDE espresso between 2 cups; top with steamed Coffee-mate.
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